Saturday, June 8, 2013

To the Club!

Last night was my very first time in a club.


I just wanted to share that. I put on my sexiest undergarments that I have, my pleather skirt (which was a bit hot, btw), a nice lacy tank top, and my collar. I was PROUD to be wearing my collar out again, with my Owner having put it on me prior to leaving. (I'm thinking of getting a nice day collar for my birthday next month, so if you have a shop that sells good collars I am interested!!)

My Owner did not come to the club with me, as I had been in a meeting beforehand that he was not allowed to go to. That meeting was so helpful, and I am glad I got to go with my bestie. She's super cool.

So now I'm writing up a training resume of my own, which I will post on here after I have finished it so you all can see what sort of things I'm capable of doing, and what I want to do, etc. I am glad to have the chance to do such a thing.

I've been talking to my Owner about doing more mental dominance than he does now. I want to get that look that sends shivers down my spine and... well, you know. (hee hee) I want him to be happy and comfortable with this sort of thing, more so than he is now (I've written about this before in previous posts, but he is a bit vanilla).

I want to try subspace. I want to be in that moment. I want to understand everything everyone has told me. I have not gotten to hit that space yet. My pet headspace I think is different than that. I am a kitten. I am a kitten 24/7. People who know me know that even my base traits are that of a cat.

This has gone way off topic. To be honest, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people from FL who came out and made my day absolutely wonderful. You all really made my night. Thank you so much. I love you all. :3

I am Harvest Hellion! Hear me roar! (tee hee)

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