Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SJP-- Domestic Service

Time for another SJP:

“What do you consider domestic service? Do you enjoy serving or being served in this fashion? What tips do you have for someone learning to love domestics?”

I consider most household cleansing acts to be domestic service. Things like laundry, dishes, and the like. Then there is cooking and taking care of other things around the house. I basically see it as something a maid would commonly do.

I personally enjoy serving in this fashion, because it fulfills me in my own way. I feel like I have accomplished something and made my Owner’s life easier. The easier I can make his life, the better I feel about myself. I think people should really look deep and see that even the little things can be taken as a big thing to someone else, though you should never let another person take advantage of your service. I have had a couple of people criticize how I do things after I do things for them, which really depresses the crap out of me. I’m just trying to make their lives easier and they walk all over me. I’m learning to become more resilient in my ways and not take crap from people.

My tips are simple. Do lots of research on different methods of cleaning and doing things. You can subscribe to blogs and the like that are helpful. It’s good to have a book or reference on household activities as well. I have several, because I have to be reminded that I CAN throw things away. I have a couple of blogs that I subscribe to that help as well.

You can find my favorite blog to read about household thingies here:

Most of the blogs on my reading list are BDSM related, and I’m trying to get some more on doing chores around the house and the like. If you have a relevant blog that you own that you’d like for me to link to in my “Friends of the Kinky Kitten” section, please shoot me a message to my twitter, @HarvestHellion, or my email, Harvest.Hellion@gmail.com. You can even reach me in the comments section!

As a side note: The reasons I have not posted anything in relation to Halloween is because we actually lost one of the competitions that we went to and it hit me pretty hard. I thought we would be a shoe-in for it, but someone came along with something that was supposedly “better.” The thing that bothers me the most is that this costume had apparently appeared in two other contests this year and won those, and a couple of them last year. I’m not being a sore loser, in my mind. We did win the contest at the private party we first went to and got a picture together. It was lovely and I am very grateful to ours hosts.