Monday, December 9, 2013

Alone Time + Trust

Hey guys!

So I was reading a blog post on one of the blogs and pages that I follow and I became inspired to write this post. You see, my Owner and I don’t get a lot of alone time because of our living conditions and I wanted to write a little bit about that. We live in a small room and are basically stuck in said room with each other 24/7. I don’t drive, so when I want to go somewhere, he has to take me. He doesn’t mind most of the time, but there are days when he just wants a break.

Sometimes I let him have these breaks. I go to my clubs and meetings and things with a friend or my mother. I leave him alone at home and he gets to have “man time.” He enjoys these moments and I feel they are vital for our sanity.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency to be really clingy, and I’m working on that. This is the main message I want to get across: When your Top feels the need to go out on their own or you are separated for some period of time, your relationship should have a deep trust that they won’t do something to jeopardize your relationship.
Now don’t get me wrong, in the beginning these things got under my skin just like anyone else. But after five years of being with my Top, I know that we are monogamous and that he would never leave me for someone who is “better.” I am perfect in my own way in his eyes and I bask in that glow. He loves me over all and will not leave me.

When you are in a relationship with a Top, you need to know your parameters and have trust in them. Without communication, parameters, and trust a relationship will rarely work in my opinion (Please note this is my opinion and I am not a professional by any means. Just a really lucky kitty with a really lucky Owner).

My Owner talks a bit with some of his exes, but I know, after five years, that he won’t do anything to harm me. We’ve talked a lot and I have explained my concerns to him. Sometimes he thinks I’m a jealous hag, but most of the time I’m good. There’s a good reason we’re not poly. He has the same feelings though. When I asked him about it, he said he wasn’t comfortable with me talking to my exes and some of the random guys I talk to online. But after a while he’s come to know them and understand that I just like talking to people.

We may both have issues, but we trust each other, because deep down we respect each other and ourselves. We know to talk to one another if something is bothering the piss out of one of us. You can’t fix something if you don’t say anything.

The moral of this story is communication, because without communication you can’t have any trust. I don’t know how much more I can stress this.

Anyway, that’s just a little rant.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SJP-- Domestic Service

Time for another SJP:

“What do you consider domestic service? Do you enjoy serving or being served in this fashion? What tips do you have for someone learning to love domestics?”

I consider most household cleansing acts to be domestic service. Things like laundry, dishes, and the like. Then there is cooking and taking care of other things around the house. I basically see it as something a maid would commonly do.

I personally enjoy serving in this fashion, because it fulfills me in my own way. I feel like I have accomplished something and made my Owner’s life easier. The easier I can make his life, the better I feel about myself. I think people should really look deep and see that even the little things can be taken as a big thing to someone else, though you should never let another person take advantage of your service. I have had a couple of people criticize how I do things after I do things for them, which really depresses the crap out of me. I’m just trying to make their lives easier and they walk all over me. I’m learning to become more resilient in my ways and not take crap from people.

My tips are simple. Do lots of research on different methods of cleaning and doing things. You can subscribe to blogs and the like that are helpful. It’s good to have a book or reference on household activities as well. I have several, because I have to be reminded that I CAN throw things away. I have a couple of blogs that I subscribe to that help as well.

You can find my favorite blog to read about household thingies here:

Most of the blogs on my reading list are BDSM related, and I’m trying to get some more on doing chores around the house and the like. If you have a relevant blog that you own that you’d like for me to link to in my “Friends of the Kinky Kitten” section, please shoot me a message to my twitter, @HarvestHellion, or my email, You can even reach me in the comments section!

As a side note: The reasons I have not posted anything in relation to Halloween is because we actually lost one of the competitions that we went to and it hit me pretty hard. I thought we would be a shoe-in for it, but someone came along with something that was supposedly “better.” The thing that bothers me the most is that this costume had apparently appeared in two other contests this year and won those, and a couple of them last year. I’m not being a sore loser, in my mind. We did win the contest at the private party we first went to and got a picture together. It was lovely and I am very grateful to ours hosts.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Early Party and Some Creativity

Hey everybody!

Went to the party last Saturday and had a blast!!! TABU knows how to throw a party. D won the costume contest. I’ll post a little picture with this entry. I won second place in the pumpkin carving contest. Was super happy about that. We won some really cool prizes that people were wanting to have themselves. I was happy about that, but felt bad that I couldn’t share. I like making people happy! (is that a flaw?)

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Dom Depot (if I can get myself out of bed after the crazy day I’ve had today) and will be getting some parts for a rugbeater flogger. It’s going to look super cool, so I will post some pictures of that when I get finished with that as well. I found the plans for it on fet, so I am planning on making it very soon. I can’t wait. This is going to be super cool.

Batsz is really encouraging my creative side lately so I’m enjoying that while I can. He’s been doing really well with his creative streak and is running with it as well. He has even found people who are interested in his work a little bit as a special effects and costuming design kind of guy. We’re always interested in the various forms of design that one can come up with.

If you have any interest in this sort of thing and want a prop made or something, between he and I we can probably do it. You’d just have to ask and talk about it with us. 

Let's all have fun on Halloween!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Incoming!

It’s been a while again. Sorry about that guys.


May or may not still be a mommy. Some choices have come up and some health issues have come up on my part that I may not be able to commit to those duties properly. There have been other issues that have come up as well, but I am thinking that those are a bit personal and not wanting to share those here at the present time. Just know that I probably won’t be a mommy if I am for very long to begin with.

This weekend is the Halloween play party. I was hoping that I would get to play some this party but once again my Owner has chosen not to play or let me play with others. I want to get out there and show him what I can do, but I don’t want him freaking out either. ‘Tis the trouble with having a very vanilla partner. I don’t know. I guess I’m just really needy sometimes…. Most of the time I guess. I just don’t like being seen that way by people I suppose.

I have my costume ready for this Saturday, but my Owner does not. He has been working non-stop on his costume. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I might post some of the pictures we get of it while we are out there with his helmet on so you can see the detail in the helmet as well. This will be really cool. Maybe I’ll put a picture of myself up here, too. It will definitely be in my costume.

Role-playing is one of my biggest fetishes. I want to dress up and things all the time. I want to wear all sorts of costumes when I play. I think that there are a lot of angles that could be played at in different scenes.

I’m having a lazy day again. I have to come up with a pattern or the pumpkin carving contest that’s going to be happening on Saturday as well. I think that I will do a logo of some form or a chubby mudflap girl. I like the second idea, but I have seen some really challenging designs that make me want to really step it up. I’ll post pictures here when I remember to when I am finished. Maybe also in my costume as well. Hee hee hee.

I can’t wait to have fun on Halloween, too!!


Monday, September 30, 2013

Possibly a Mommy?

Hello all. :3

I’m up to no good again!!! Tee hee.

Well, Batsz and I have had a talk and we’ve decided that maybe we can play more and do things slowly. We always talk about how to do things slowly. What spurred this on was a visit to a class thrown by a local dungeon on Subspace, Subdrop, Aftercare, and etc. Everyone had stories and experiences except for me. I felt a little out of place. I want to be able to have my own stories to share with everyone too.

I think with my kitten play, I have my kitten headspace, and I think that is different than subspace. I am not entirely sure that they are the same thing. I’ll have to do some research into that some more.
This Friday I get to go to a support group meeting for subs. I love going to those meetings and talking to everyone and generally having an interesting time learning and things.

In other news, I will be trying to take on someone as my little girl. She is very sweet. She and I decided that I would make a good Mommy for her over the weekend. We have been talking for quite a while and even hanging out. I will help her in as many aspects that I possibly can and correct some of her more mature behavior, allow her to let out her Little as much as we can manage to. I am very excited about working with her, as she is a good friend. Batsz said he doesn’t have a problem with it, so he is allowing me to Top.