Friday, May 31, 2013

30 Days of Truth- Day 2

Name something that you love about yourself:

Well, I have quite a few qualities I love about myself. I enjoy my positive moods and ability to cheer people up. I have a pretty good sense of humor, but I'm always last to get a joke. This doesn't matter much to me, because I can crack a good joke as well.

I enjoy the fact that I have pink hair currently, just because I felt like it. I like my devil-may-care type attitude.

I like the fact that I have practiced so hard at drawing and I finally get recognition in places on the internet. I don't have a completely horrible drawing hand, but it's still great that I feel loved.

It's a short post, but a good post.
-Harvest Hellion

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A New Feature

Hello there my darlings!

I have a new feature on my blog. I am calling it the "Friends of the Kinky Kitten" list. Currently there is only one website on this list, but I would like to expand. If you are interested in being on this list and having your website linked up there, please send me an email.

Currently, the only website is DIYBondage! I am so in love with their products. They have very high quality leather and rubber products, among many other things. They have just about everything you could possibly want, including ball gags (one upcoming gag is supposed to be a puppy bone! Isn't that neat?!), collars, leashes, harnesses, spreader bars, and so on.

I would like all of my readers to head on over to their site and have a look! I think you might find something just for you! On top of that, I -believe- they do custom orders, so you can have the item of your dreams come directly to you!

I can't rave enough about how cool and quality their things are, especially the Hello Kitty locked collars and things. I love Hello Kitty so much, and hope to buy my own set of Kitty gear from them to play with.

Again, if you want to see your link on my page, send me a message or comment. I appreciate all the love you give, and so do they!
-Harvest Hellion

30 Days of Truth- Day 1

Today, I want to talk about something I really hate about myself. I am going to openly admit that I hate my stretchmarks. I hate the fact that they exist, and that they are more extreme than most other people's marks. My stretchmarks unfortunately have a habit of stretching enough to pop open and bleed. I'm not sure why this is, but I fear sometimes I'm falling apart. I want only to be markless. I have seen so many other people my size without huge stretchmarks, and I just don't understand it. Perhaps it is just makeup or photoshopping, but I hate it. I want people to be honest about these things. I want to see stretchmarked models.

In a way, I have pretty much accepted my body, but that doesn't mean I have to like the marks.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Elegant Gothic Lolita

So I'm into Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL or Lolita). It's something that I have always been into. I'm not sure why it appeals to me to be honest. I like the idea that you can dress like a princess and no one will bother you about it (unless they're some kind of hateful numbnut...).

I am very much into Sweet Lolita. I love the color pink (shock) and also black (also shock). I want to wear the pretty dresses and just generally have a good time. I want to sew my things and create new things for myself all the time. There's nothing wrong with this in my opinion.

I get a lot of comments about how Lolita is about children and things. This is not true. I do not like that people are saying that about it. It's pretty dark and disturbing when you think about it. A lot of it is based off of Alice in Wonderland, which in itself is a pretty disturbing story.

This doesn't really answer the question of what Lolita is though, does it? So...

Lolita is a type of dress that originated in Japan. The name hails from the book of the same name, "Lolita." It is seen as something of the Roccocco era in time. Think Victorian if nothing else. There is a lot of lace and frills. Some Lolitas actually joke and call themselves "rufflebutts." (I've seen it)

I love this style with all my heart and soul. I just wish people could accept some of my peculiar hobbies.


Monday, May 27, 2013


So I am curious about Topping. I have done it once so far and I really enjoyed it, but I think that I didn't do enough of a good job. I really like to try new things all the time. I was honored that someone actually asked me to Top them. I am afraid that I would not be able to just ask someone if I could Top them, much like how I wish I could ask to Bottom, but I never can work up the courage or nerve. Not that I really can ask anyone to Top me anyway... I don't think my Owner would appreciate that.

The thing is, my Owner is very Vanilla. He understands my kittenspace. He allows me that. But he really doesn't want to go about ordering me around or spanking me. I think in the right situation or whatever he might, but we can't where we live right now anyway.

People often ask me "How can he be my Owner if he is Vanilla?" Well, how can anyone be anything? I mean, it's just a label. Because of our situation, he takes care of my money so I am under control in that manner. He also has to remind me what to do  because I quite forgetful, so he Owns me in that respect as well. And he has my heart.... so he Owns me there, too. Isn't that an/the important part?

I don't think you have the right to say that my Owner is not an Owner at all. That he is too Vanilla. That's just not your place. And we're not poly either, so you don't have the right to say anything there either because we're not going to take you on. We talked about poly and what we thought about it and we both agree it's just too much drama and work for us. We are happy when we are drama free.

So, to the original point of the post, I am quite certain that I am a Switch. I like to spank and be spanked. There is too much fun to be had. I want to be the boss, but I also would like to be the one receiving the orders. I believe I am a better Bottom then I am a Top, though, still. maybe with experience.

Ah well.

Harvest Hellion, the Kinky Kitten