Thursday, May 30, 2013

A New Feature

Hello there my darlings!

I have a new feature on my blog. I am calling it the "Friends of the Kinky Kitten" list. Currently there is only one website on this list, but I would like to expand. If you are interested in being on this list and having your website linked up there, please send me an email.

Currently, the only website is DIYBondage! I am so in love with their products. They have very high quality leather and rubber products, among many other things. They have just about everything you could possibly want, including ball gags (one upcoming gag is supposed to be a puppy bone! Isn't that neat?!), collars, leashes, harnesses, spreader bars, and so on.

I would like all of my readers to head on over to their site and have a look! I think you might find something just for you! On top of that, I -believe- they do custom orders, so you can have the item of your dreams come directly to you!

I can't rave enough about how cool and quality their things are, especially the Hello Kitty locked collars and things. I love Hello Kitty so much, and hope to buy my own set of Kitty gear from them to play with.

Again, if you want to see your link on my page, send me a message or comment. I appreciate all the love you give, and so do they!
-Harvest Hellion

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