Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I'm baaa--aa-aaack

Hey everyone! Harvest here.

It’s been so long, but I am back. I can’t wait to post about stuff again. I’m going to be working on some projects this year and can’t wait for you guys to hear about what I can talk about them. I’m still unsure if I can, but I will share other stuff either way. So it will be stuff that I’m allowed to post at least.

My Owner and I are still going strong. We both work now and we are as close as ever. There are still times where we have confusion going on, but for the most part we are great. We are still living with His family, so things are difficult to do around here, but we do what we can and how we can.

I want to write some more about pet play, and will be doing so when I can, so expect it!!! I will also be writing more about gender issues and mental health issues from my perspective as a genderfluid with various mental illnesses (It’s too many to count, seriously. Ha ha).

So be prepared for a year of new adventures and all kinds of fun. I’m glad to be rekindling this fire!

-Harvest Hellion

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