Thursday, February 4, 2016

Love Gloves For V Day!

Hello all. Harvest here!

So, since everyone’s been hopping on the condom train for Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d make a post about some safer sex practices that I have done some research on, mostly about condoms. It’s not something that’s over the board popular, some guys I’ve been with say that they can’t feel anything through them, but I have to wonder how true that is, since they can be extremely thin and sensual.

As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor, therefore one should always consult with a doctor before engaging in sexual activity/etc. 

As far as safety goes, condoms are the way to go. There are many different kinds with various traits that you can get. For example there are ones with different lubricants in them like warming or cooling lubrication, ribbed condoms, thinner condoms, condoms made of different materials (in case you are allergic to one type of condom there are a few others that you can use), and condoms of varying sizes! It’s a great thing to invest it. What’s really great is that they are very inexpensive and easy to get your hands on (pun sort of intended, ha ha).

If you can’t afford condoms, there are places that give you condoms for free (although some still cost a little bit, I’m not sure). I go to my local health department to get my birth control and they give me condoms each time to help with safer sex practices. Birth control is a very helpful way to not get pregnancies, but it does not protect you from sexually transmitted illnesses, unlike condoms, which, if used correctly and consistently, will protect you from such things approximately 92% of the time. Something to know about birth control that is not talked about all the time is that other medication can affect the birth control’s effectiveness. Things like antibiotics especially will reduce the effectiveness of birth control. With birth control, this does not include illnesses that are spread by skin-on-skin contact, but if used about 25% of the time will reduce the illness 92% of the time as well. (Information gathered from: is a very helpful website, put together by a company that is funded by the Trojan condom making company (one I use personally, because they are my personal favorite).
Something that I saw was mentioned on that website was that some people thought that condoms have holes in them. I did not know people thought that. It’s kind of interesting to learn about.

One thing that I believe in is that people should be taught about safe sex at a young age. Not too young, but still very young. I believe this because people are learning about sex from the television and the internet and are coming up with questions. They need answers and they need protection. Condoms and proper education are the answer to that question. I’m sure there are people out there who disagree with me, but my mother taught my brother and I at a young age what we should know. My father did not agree, especially when my mother came home with a large paper shopping bag full of random condoms from Planned Parenthood (I’m not sure if they still give out condoms, so you’d have to check your local one for that). Planned Parenthood is a great resource, as are your local health department (as previously mentioned).

In summary, use the internet for all the information you can get out of it and do your research on safer sex. Condoms are a great tool for everyone (at least if you’re having sex, though I have seen someone design a dress made completely out of condoms before. It was a really interesting piece).

Just use your heads, folks.
-Harvest Hellion

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