Monday, February 8, 2016

SJP-- Domestics


Hello all! It’s time for another journal prompt! Today’s journal prompt is:
“Do you enjoy domestic chores? Which ones do you like more than others?”

So, to answer the question, yes I do enjoy domestic chores, at least to a degree. I have a hard time loading laundry into and out of the machines, but I like to fold the laundry. Especially when it’s warm and I can snuggle up in it. It takes me several trips to get laundry from one room to the other, depending on how large of a load the laundry is. I try to do laundry pretty frequently to keep up with the demand (and don’t you know it’s always in demand!?).

Dishes are one of those things that I have to do by hand. I have never really had dishwashers, and even when I have had the pleasure of having a dishwasher I still washed a lot of the dishes by hand. There are just some things that you have to do on your own. You know, to cut the ick and all that. I really like using bleach with my dishwashing, but I wear dark clothes most of the time, so I have to change clothes just to do the dishes. I do the dishes when I go to other people’s houses, too. I don’t know why. I just start working on them and then I clean up the mess. Just a bad habit.

Let me think. There are many chores around the house to do. I mop sometimes, and there’s always cleaning the toilet. Those things get so dirty. I don’t even want to think about that one, it’s the worst. Cleaning the toilet is definitely not one of my favorite chores. I think I actually hate that one.

Cleaning out the computers is a good monthly chore, though we have to do them biweekly sometimes because we have two cats that shed all the time (anise is very fluffy and cotton puff is just a puff ball). We use isopropyl alcohol on cotton swabs to get in between some of the tight cracks in the computer and clean them in a detailed manner. It pays to at least use canned air on the computer. I have even taken apart keyboards to get food crumbs out of them because both Owner and myself eat at our computers (a bad habit, I know, but when you do most of your work at the computer it kind of becomes a hard habit to break).

Dusting is something that I do not like to do. I am actually allergic to dust and have to use an inhaler to be safe anywhere around dust. I do like to use the dust mitts that gather the dust and hold it that I can wash off instead of the kind that just wipes the dust off into the air and just kind of scoots it around. I also use magic eraser pads to get the tough grime up. Those are cool because they kind of disappear as you use them.

Washing windows is a chore that is also difficult to do with a bad back like mine. I find that I can wash windows that are at my level but have to do the windows at lower levels by sitting in a chair or something. I also have to get the higher level windows by using a stepstool or ladder. But I think these are typical of most people.

Something that I have found that helps in my cleaning the house and whatnot, is a list. I make a list of everything that needs to get done and I check things off as I go. This doesn’t have to be anything that is very in depth. In fact, you can just write vague things down and as long as you know what those vague things are, you can do them. “Do delicate laundry,” can easily be replaced with “do laundry.” At least with the second option you aren’t particularly restricted. Now there are some times when you want a very strict list and that is if something is going on and you need to be sure that you get those certain things done.

Today is a vague day for me on my cleaning list. I just need to pick up the bedroom area and make sure that it is able to be walked through. Our bedroom is basically our living area as well due to our living conditions, so it is important for me to keep this cleaned and spotless.

Another thing that has helped me keep our home cleaned is Flylady. You can find her helpful website It has a bunch of different things you can do each day that will help you feel like you are (and actually) accomplish more things each day. I think that the thing that has helped me most about it is to actually get up and get dressed and prepared for the day. If I don’t do this I tend to have a really sluggish and slow day, so I try to get dressed to attack the day.

What are some of the things that you like to do to help clean your home? Do you do domestic service for your Top/Dominant/etc.? Are you required to do anything each day?

I’ll see you tomorrow for TMI Tuesday!
-Harvest Hellion

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