Monday, February 22, 2016

TMI Tuesday-- Trust, Excitement, Sex, Marraige!

1. How many people do you really trust?
Not very many. I keep having people be complete dicks to me about everything. I can't say I could really count either. I do know that Batdaddy is someone that I trust. He is always there for me.
2. What are you excited for?
 I'm sort of excited for some of the conventions that are coming up. I'm a huge nerd and love to cosplay. We are going to a convention in June and I will (hopefully) finish my Princess Kakyuu (from Sailor Moon) cosplay in time for that.
3. Have you had sex today?
Ha! No. I haven't had sex in a while and my parts refuse to let me have sex. I wouldn't make a good sex slave for sure because it's pretty much impossible to have sex with me. I've got some doctor appointments lined up to see if that can be fixed.
4. When was the last time you talked to someone until you fell asleep? What relation are they to you?
Last night I suppose. I was talking to Batdaddy and He was getting really irritated that I wasn't sleeping because it was about four in the morning. We were at a party last night but I couldn't sleep. That happens to me a lot. I take medication to put me to sleep; enough to knock out a bull moose.
5. What is your opinion on sex before marriage?
Oh, I don't mind it at all. I have never been married before and I have had sex. So it would be safe to assume that I really don't care. I think it's stupid because you never know if you're "compatible" with the other person, and there are times in the relationship when sex is a good stress relief. If you don't know if you are compatible, then what's the point. I dunno. It just doesn't sound like it's a good idea to me.
Bonus: Does your present lover know any of your past lovers? How well?
Batdaddy knew my previous boyfriend. I know a couple of His. I'm actually friends with one of His past lovers, but she and I are going through a bit of a rough patch for reasons which I choose not to disclose in a blog (that would be in poor taste). I'm unsure what to think about that right now.

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