Monday, March 14, 2016

TMI Tuesday-- 3/15/16

1. Have you ever been so loud having sex that housemates/neighbors commented or complained?
No. I actually don't make a lot of noise. I've been confused with fucking a corpse. O_o
2. Ever had kids or parents bust in on you in the middle of full on sex?
Yeeeeees. It was embarrassing but my dad has walked in on me while doing things.
3. Have you ever licked or sucked on someone else’s feet and/or toes? Was it your request or theirs?
Nope. Feet are kind of icky to me.
4. Describe your typical sexual romp:
It's pretty boring honestly... It's usually a LOT of foreplay because for some reason I can't get into the act properly.
a. You are playful and tame
somewhat tame but mostly playful.
b. You have introduced a few things like outfits and toys
Yes!!! I like all sorts of things like this. Batdaddy and I are way into costumes and toys.
c. You love trying new things and shocking your partner
I don't like to shock Batdaddy. I want him to be happy with what we do.
d. Keep it simple–missionary, lube, sleep.
Ech. At least I can do SOME things besides just this. Missionary can get boring. I like to switch it up a bit.
5. Speaking of lube–what is your favorite lube for sex and why?
I found some at a local sex shop called Unicorn Spit. It tastes like donuts. Period.
Bonus: What are you looking forward to this week?
Not much. I have a lot of work this week so I'll be able to get a lot of video watching done. But that's about all I will be doing. I think I might take up chain mail finally though.

What Makes You Tick?

Hi guys! Harvest here.

So for the past few days I have been getting involved in the local community. I've met with so many people lately it isn't even funny (well, it is to me, since I'm seriously introverted and playing at being extroverted. To me, the internet is the only place I can really be extroverted/myself properly). I've been meeting with subs, slaves, switches, pets, etc. with a class here that I am helping out with. I'm very proud to be helping out. It means a lot to me. I can't talk about it much but I can say that it is doing a very good thing helping the community out.

I've been wondering about what makes us become who we are. S-type-wise I mean. Like how is it that I became a pet. That I actually have somewhat an answer for. Yes, it did involve my childhood to some degree, but it's not a triggering sort of thing.

When I was young, my mother would encourage us to be whatever we wanted to be whenever we chose to do so (save for when my father was home. That's a story in and of itself). I always wanted to be more peculiar choices (a rabbit, a dinosaur, a doll, etc.). Somehow in my mind I have always wanted to be a cat. My mother would make my brother and I costumes with the things that we had. They were always really impressive. I remember dressing up as dalmations after we had seen the 101 Dalmations movie (it was always one of my brother's favorite movies).

I think it all kind of just stuck with me from there. I feel like it is good to be different; to achieve what you want in peculiar ways. You can become what you want through your garb or your attitude.

Sometimes I wonder how abuse would come into this. I was asked the other day if I thought that some people became pets because they were abused. This I cannot say for sure, but I think that there are some people/pets who choose this life becuase of this. They want the security behind that. They want what they know... And if abuse is all they know, then perhaps this is what they want (even if it's not good to be driven that way).

I think I'm going to research this further.
-Harvest Hellion

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Random Musical Interruption

 Here's a video for a song I find myself singing quite often:

It's "Big Butts" by the Ying Yang Twins.

Tell me that doesn't get stuck in your head.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

TMI Tuesday-- Confessional

1. Have you ever devoted an entire day to sex and sexual activity (with breaks for eating, etc)? Was it planned or spontaneous? Any kinky fun?
 Ha!!! Not at all. I don't have a lot of sex because of my conditions/issues but when I do it's great. Be jealous. o_o
2. Have you had sex simultaneously with two or more people in a private residence? Did you know them well or was it a setup casual encounter?
Nope. I'm pretty monogamous and "boring." I would love to experience kitten play/pet play with another person besides my Owner but I'm not sure he would agree. But that's non-sexual anyway.
3. Have you gone out in public wearing an anal plug or vibrator device?
No, but damn does that sound fun. I may have to steal your idea. :3
4. Have you ever fantasized about or practiced orgasm control/denial?
Hmm.... I've thought about it. I have very poor self-control though. I'm not sure I'd be able to go about it without freaking out completely.
5. Do you like being called dirty names during sex? What names get you off the best?
Oh no. No no no. That's actually a trigger for me. I can do dirty talk, but as soon as you fire off a name at me I start clenching furiously and freaking out.
Bonus: The confessional is open–confess anything you want (sexual or not).
I'm not sure what I should confess TO. I mean, I've done some crazy shit (believe that or not). I can usually top everyone's stories by confessing to having sex in places where one should never have sex (don't ask unless you REALLY wanna know).

The only thing I really want to add is that if you have sex, make sure it's SAFE sex. And by safe I mean condoms and whatnot. Especially if you're with someone you don't or barely know. I've learned this one the hard way, and it's not pleasant what comes afterwards.

Check Out My Etsy!

Hey guys! Harvest here!

Looks like I'm getting ready for Easter with a couple things in my Etsy shop. Right now I have three "bunny" collars/chokers that you guys can purchase. They are super fun and I make them by hand all by myself. I love to create things for people.

If you are interested in buying one, you can find my Etsy at:

I'd love if you had a look!

Also, if you're interested in getting a custom piece from me, you can email my Etsy account and I will work with you personally on the things that I like to offer.

I'm hoping to learn chainmaille soon so I can offer that as well. I just love creating things!

Love you guys,
-Harvest :3

Friday, March 4, 2016

Learning to Deal

Hi guys. Harvest here.

So I've been having some rather troublesome problems lately. I felt that talking them out in a blog post on here would be best therapy for me becuase I know that some of you may have some of the problems that I have and can send me messages or comment what you think about the situation.

I suffer from a variety of different issues with my lady parts. I have PCOS and vaginismus. Let me give you a little background on them.

PCOS is a relatively common issue. It stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Basically that means that your parts have cysts in them that are not exactly pleasant to have there, and also they can pop up in large quantities. It's not exactly a fun situation to be in.

Vaginismus I still have issues describing. Basically what happens is either a mental or physical reason that causes an inability to insert anything into the vaginal area, usually resulting in extreme pain or discomfort (or both).

I know what you're thinking... "How can someone have sex like that?"

Well. I don't.

It has become such a painful thing that I really don't have sex at all anymore. My Owner is very understanding and I take care of Him in other ways to the best of my abilities. For our anniversary the other day, we thought we might try having sex again. Buuuuut.... once again my usual problems caused me to start screaming bloody murder from the pain and we had to stop.

This has really been getting to me. I don't feel like a regular person.

I went to the OB GYN (I'm female by birth, much to my dismay) and she told me that I was pretty much clenching furiously and that anything that touched me was freaking me out so bad I clenched up again. She told me that this is caused by a past trauma. She asked me if I had ever been abused. I admitted that I had been raped and molested.

I hate admitting that. It makes me feel weak and incompetant.

But, she said there are ways to work on this. I have to start going to a physical therapy session in the city an hour or so from me and I have to go and see my therapist about why I am still dealing with this problem and how I can get over it.

I am better than this. I can be me again someday. Just not now.

I will be doing some research into support groups for rape victims. Once I find something that I know is good, I will keep you all informed. But for now, I'm just going to go be depressed.


-Harvest Hellion