Monday, March 14, 2016

What Makes You Tick?

Hi guys! Harvest here.

So for the past few days I have been getting involved in the local community. I've met with so many people lately it isn't even funny (well, it is to me, since I'm seriously introverted and playing at being extroverted. To me, the internet is the only place I can really be extroverted/myself properly). I've been meeting with subs, slaves, switches, pets, etc. with a class here that I am helping out with. I'm very proud to be helping out. It means a lot to me. I can't talk about it much but I can say that it is doing a very good thing helping the community out.

I've been wondering about what makes us become who we are. S-type-wise I mean. Like how is it that I became a pet. That I actually have somewhat an answer for. Yes, it did involve my childhood to some degree, but it's not a triggering sort of thing.

When I was young, my mother would encourage us to be whatever we wanted to be whenever we chose to do so (save for when my father was home. That's a story in and of itself). I always wanted to be more peculiar choices (a rabbit, a dinosaur, a doll, etc.). Somehow in my mind I have always wanted to be a cat. My mother would make my brother and I costumes with the things that we had. They were always really impressive. I remember dressing up as dalmations after we had seen the 101 Dalmations movie (it was always one of my brother's favorite movies).

I think it all kind of just stuck with me from there. I feel like it is good to be different; to achieve what you want in peculiar ways. You can become what you want through your garb or your attitude.

Sometimes I wonder how abuse would come into this. I was asked the other day if I thought that some people became pets because they were abused. This I cannot say for sure, but I think that there are some people/pets who choose this life becuase of this. They want the security behind that. They want what they know... And if abuse is all they know, then perhaps this is what they want (even if it's not good to be driven that way).

I think I'm going to research this further.
-Harvest Hellion

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