Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Collars for Kitties

Hi guys. Harvest here! I'm here to talk about collars.

Collars are important in the BDSM lifestyle AND in kitten play. You can wear a collar if you want to, you can wear a collar if your Owner/Top/Etc wants you to, and you don't have to wear a collar if you don't want to, or even if your Owner/Top/Etc doesn't want you to you don't have to. There are many variables. Collars are for everyone. There is not set rule that you have to do a certain thing to wear a collar, though it is said that a collar with a lock on it is said to be a way to indicate that you are owned and in a permanent BDSM relationship. This is not always true though.

I wear day collars. I have not quite earned the right to wear a permanent collar. I have considered it, but I just don't know how to bring it up to the Batdaddy. He is always very busy and I don't really have the time to really bring it up with him either since we are both kind of doing our own thing. I might bring it up with him in a while, maybe today. We like to talk in the car. I'm not sure why but we always seem to get more talking done in the car than anywhere else.
So what do you need to know about collars? There are many different things to know about collars!

Day collars are a very passive sort of collar. These are ones you can wear throughout the day and not have someone ask too many questions about. I wear nylon collars with ribbons on them as a day collar but there are many kittens/subs/bottoms/etc who would not wear such a thing throughout the day. A lot of s-types will wear chainmail, necklaces, or even just delicate metal collars to work as a day collar. Ribbon collars are very nice to wear as well. They are not as tough as a nylon collar, so you can't get yanked around by it if that's what you're into. It will be too delicate.

Consideration collars are a step towards a full collaring in a BDSM relationship. A consideration collar shows that you are under consideration (obviously) by a D-type in a BDSM relationship or relationship in some fashion. These are important, but are not necessary. If you choose, you can just keep wearing a day collar or you could even wear a permanent collar.

A permanent collar is one that is given to you (or bought for you, made for you, etc. as long as it is for you) that shows you are Owned or are an "official" s-type in a BDSM relationship with someone. This collar is an honor to wear. Probably the highest honor you can get in a BDSM relationship. These are not given to a s-type just frivolously. They are given when the D-type knows that you are theirs forever.

You can be de-collared. It is similar to a divorce. You should not be ashamed of being de-collared. It isn't the worst thing in the world, even if it feels like it. These things are difficult to decide upon and should not be a spur of the moment thing.

Everyone can wear a collar. But the meaning is intwined with what you, as a s-type, and your Owner, or whatever D-type you have, make it. Even if you don't have a D-type, you are free to wear a collar. You can do whatever you want. The meaning is up to you. My collar is a symbol of love of my Owner. He knows this and I know this.

You are you. Be proud of your collar. Be proud of what it means to you. Life is grand. Never be ashamed of who you are or what you do.

-Harvest Hellion

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