Friday, October 25, 2013

Early Party and Some Creativity

Hey everybody!

Went to the party last Saturday and had a blast!!! TABU knows how to throw a party. D won the costume contest. I’ll post a little picture with this entry. I won second place in the pumpkin carving contest. Was super happy about that. We won some really cool prizes that people were wanting to have themselves. I was happy about that, but felt bad that I couldn’t share. I like making people happy! (is that a flaw?)

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to Dom Depot (if I can get myself out of bed after the crazy day I’ve had today) and will be getting some parts for a rugbeater flogger. It’s going to look super cool, so I will post some pictures of that when I get finished with that as well. I found the plans for it on fet, so I am planning on making it very soon. I can’t wait. This is going to be super cool.

Batsz is really encouraging my creative side lately so I’m enjoying that while I can. He’s been doing really well with his creative streak and is running with it as well. He has even found people who are interested in his work a little bit as a special effects and costuming design kind of guy. We’re always interested in the various forms of design that one can come up with.

If you have any interest in this sort of thing and want a prop made or something, between he and I we can probably do it. You’d just have to ask and talk about it with us. 

Let's all have fun on Halloween!!

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