Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Days of Truth-- Day 13

A letter to a band or something that has helped you persevere:

Well, I have a lot of different musicians who have helped me through some rough times. Let me think.

To all the musicians out there:

 Thank you for your booty-shaking beats that have kept me sane. I could not live without my music. I am appreciative of all that you do. As I have misophonia, most sounds are irritating or even painful to me, but music is one of those things that is not. I am so happy that I can put on my headphones and go about my day, even if I look like some kind of douchebag with headphones on everywhere I go. This is still much better than when I used to wear earplugs every time I went somewhere.

I wish I could take the music with me more places, such as restaurants. If I could take your music into restaurants then I would be even happier, but I know that this is a rude gesture and should not be done.

I especially want to thank Daft Punk and the Rasmus for their musical contributions to my collection of various cds, mp3s, and what-have-you. These two bands got me through some of the tougher times in my life.

Thank you musicians. Thank you all.
Now, I will shake my booty just for you.

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