Sunday, June 23, 2013

30 Days of Truth-- Day 20

Your views on drugs and alchohol:

Well, I have varying views of things. I think that certain things, like marijuana, are okay for cancer patients and patients that have issues. Other than that, if you don't need it... You don't need it. It's pretty simple.

In the lifestyle, I would think that it would be detrimental to your session or scene. You wouldn't know when you were truly done or not and would have a slower reaction time. I believe that things like that should be avoided.

I really don't like drugs. I'm okay with alcohol, but only in social settings where you aren't doing anything trying and you don't plan to. It's also good if you drink responsibly (I am known for only have one or two drinks if at all) and to make sure you have a designated driver and all that good stuff.

I want more people to be responsible, instead of childish assholes.

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