Monday, July 11, 2016

TMI Tuesday-- 7/12/2016

1. Have you ever orgasmed just by hearing sexy-dirty talk?
2. Have you ever tried scissoring?

3. Have you ever practiced BDSM on yourself (bondage, nipple clamps, hot wax, etc.)?
Yep. Mostly bondage for fun and some clamps.

4. Have you ever licked or sucked on someone else’s feet or toes? Was it a turn-on for you or were you doing it to please them?
  No, but I occasionally do foot rubs for people. It's not a turn on but it's a service and I love serving.

5. Would you say that you have a sexual fetish? What is it?
I suppose I do. I really love being tied up. Some people have referred to me as Rope Kitten instead of Rope Bunny.

 6. What is the best way for you to orgasm?
I use vibrators. It's the only way I can feel any pressure in my crotchular area because of the nerve pain I have.

Bonus: Do you have a crush on a fellow blogger? Who?
Nope. I don't always read a lot of other bloggers, even. But I do enjoy other blog posts and I read from blogs that I have subscribed to. I dunno I guess the answer is no.

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