Thursday, July 14, 2016

Dominant Traits

Hello my Little Hellions. Here's a fun prompt for the day!:

The prompt??: "What is the one quality you think most Dominants possess?"

This could be fun. I will tell you the thing I immediately thought of.

The Look.

I'm going to say most D-types are able to do this (switches in D-type mode, as well).

It's that look that you get when you know you are crossing a line or if you are fucking up. It may even be something that tells you that you are about to get something and you may not be ready for it (so stay on your toes).

BatDaddy has a Look he gives me when I say or do something stupid. It stems from his Old School Goth roots. That snarky and sarcastic look that just makes me go "Oh fuck." Sometimes I know what I did. You can tell, usually. It's that Look that makes you reign yourself back in.

I've even gotten a variety of Looks from other D-types (besides BatDaddy). I know everyone is capable of giving that Look, but D-types just do it so much better.

Not all Looks are of an angry sort. There is also another Look. That'd be the bedroom eyes. I don't get this one very often (we have our reasons). That's a Look that makes you shudder and shiver in all the best of ways. You know what's coming with this Look. It's not a strictly D-type Look. A s-type can totally do this look, but if you're not careful it could be (possibly) considered Topping from the bottom. If you have an opinion on this thought, feel free to leave a comment. I'd love to hear it.

Another thing that I feel like most D-types seem to possess is an almost leader-like quality. If you don't know how to lead, you probably need to learn. I'm not a D-type (but I do switch on occasion) but I know that if I am put into the proper situation (a D-type situation that is) I know exactly what I want and how to make decisions for my s-types.

This type of command is something beautiful to behold. If you ever get a chance to really see a proper (I'm not saying "true D-type" becuase that seems a bit... judgey. I suppose proper is judgey, too, a bit. But it's easier than saying any "one twue way") D-type in action, take notes. This person will know what they are doing and what they want done. I suppose you could say that they possess "Decisiveness."

We s-types have our own decisiveness. But most of us would rather have someone to give us tips or rule over us because we've had so much of it in another aspect of life. We want to give up our control. Let our D-types be our brain for a while. They'll let us know what we are eating, what hygeine or makeup they prefer, our clothing, or anything really. Not all D-types are that strict, but you get the idea. BatDaddy actually prefers for me to wear makeup when I leave the house. He likes the way I do it and He approves. There have been a couple of times when He looks at my outfits and puts the whoa to it. I have a tendency to wear rather crazy outfits or clash on purpose.

But, I digress. There are many things that most D-types have in common with each other. You just really have to look at them in a certain way.

I suppose that's all for that.

Tell us what you think about it!!! I'd love to hear some D-types views on what other D-types are like if that's possible. S-types, I know you're there. I'd love to see your comments.

Lots of love,
-Harvest Hellion

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