Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm Not a Doctor, Nor Do I Play One on TV

Hi my Little Hellions.

So I wanted to talk about something important. I want to talk about medical sheets. Something like a pill minder even. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on tv. If you have health issues of any sort, please see an actual doctor. I implore you.)

When an s-type and a D-type get together (or two switches or even two vanillas or even more if you're poly) there will be negotiations. Something that I find is often overlooked is medical history.

Does your Top know you are diabetic? Does your s-type know you get dizzy spells? Have you ever had any surgeries?

These are common questions that need to be addressed somehow, and the answer to how to do it is very simple: A brief medical history sheet.

A good medical history sheet will have what pills you take with what milligram and how often. Definitely add what sort of health issue you have briefly (for example, if you have anxiety in a certain situation like I do, add "Anxiety-Large Crowds"). It will include your surgeries as well. And for some bonus points you should add what doctors you see or where you typically go for treatment.

You can keep this in your purse or wallet on a sheet of paper. I personally use the "Health" app on my iPhone 6 (I'm an iSheep, lol). There are many different types of apps you can get on your phone to record various things on there that pertain to your health status and whatnot. Do some research on the apps so they will help out more to the particular way you want to have things set up.

Here is a cool website that reviews health apps and what they do:

It's a super helpful app site.

You should also have a pill minder app if you are particularly forgetful. You might already have a physical pill minder, but you should use a pill minder app to remember to go to even look at your pills, just in case. You can never be too prepared. I actually have my iPhone set up to remind me to take things in the morning and at night on one of my google calendars. You can even set it to an alarm. This is particularly important if you have to take birth control pills, because they have a very strict regimen.

So when you get together, give the other person(s) the heads up. It might be difficult to do in a poly relationship becuase you will have multiple people doing things and you'll have to keep up with all of them. You may not want to GIVE the other people or person your medical history. This is something you should keep on your person. Just make sure the other person(s) know where it is (if you hav eit printed or on your phone, etc).

Just some fun tips about medical safety from me. (Please remember that I am not a doctor, and should not be a replacement for one.)

 By Pöllö (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Lots of love,
-Harvest Hellion

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