Monday, August 1, 2016

TMI Tuesday-- 8/02/2016

1. Your thoughts–is oral sex cheating on your partner?
I think that oral is cheating. It's a sexual act, therefore it is cheating.

2. What is cheating to you?
Cheating (to me) is when your partner(s) find other people to give their attention to.

3. Does your partner know you masturbate? What do they think about that?
I'm not sure. I've never asked him. I'm very private about it. He's never really said anything to me about it or anything so I haven't really brought it up.

4. Think about the best sex you’ve ever had. Why do you consider it the best, what makes it so?
The best sex I've ever had is the first time BatDaddy and I had sex because I got to be in costume and I like to remember that day forever.

5. When you have nightmares, do you call out someone’s name?
No. Usually I just sit up or clutch something or BatDaddy if he is close by.

6. When you’re having an orgasm, do you scream a name?
Nope. I hardly make any noise at all. Is that weird?

Bonus: Which best fits your usual reason for masturbating:
a. Boredom
b. Stress relief
c. Saw someone/something sexy and you need to act out a sexual fantasy
d. It’s just what I do

It's probably just B. I have a lot of sexual issues, so it's frustrating to me.

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