Saturday, August 27, 2016

SJP-- Love In Your Dynamic 8-27-2016

Hello my Little Hellions!

Submissive journal prompt time!!!

Today's prompt is:
"Is love first or second in your dynamic?'

So with the Batdaddy and myself, I believe that love comes first. We haven't been in our dynamic for the longest period of time (shortly before starting this blog actually). I am pet and He is Owner. But this is not the only way we are. We are boyfriend and girlfriend. We have been together for almost eight years now (it will be eight years, ironically, on February 14th, valentine's day which is probably our least favorite holiday, of next year) and it has been absolutely wonderful.

Lately, there have been few problems. But this is normal for most relationships anyway. Mostly it has been my fault. I have not been home and I have working on a lot of projects other than our relationship. I have neglected some duties that He finds are important to him. I am currently doing my best to remedy this situation. So far so good.

We took the test over the five love languages and found out that we are pretty damn different in our ways of expressing our love for each other. For example, His idea of how love works is acts of service and gifts. His lowest score was physical touch. My love language is physical touch (not sexul in my case) and my lowest score was in acts of service and gifts. So we kind of clash in that aspect. It's something that we are working on. I am trying to improve how I serve Him. He is letting me hug Him and make some attempt at cuddling him.

If you would like to take the test over the love languages, follow the lovely link below!:

It's very interesting to see how you both (or all of you, in a poly relationship) want to express yourselves to each other.

That's all for today I think.

Love you guys,
-Harvest Hellion

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