Thursday, April 4, 2013

Focus... and the Lack Thereof

Hello! Harvest, here.

The topic today is about focus, so this could be interesting.

I don’t have a lot of focus, and Daddy doesn’t really push me into focusing often. He wants me to focus on my usual things like the blog and all of this stuff, but wants me to also have a presence offline. This is why I have been having such a hard time dealing with everything I think. Trying to balance things.

I do my best to focus myself by grounding and centering and trying to catch my own attention, mindfully. I know that mindfulness training is something the Buddhists practice, but I am not sure. I personally am pagan, and it means a lot to me, but I won’t get into that here (for now). The techniques I talk about most often are energetic ones. It is easy to feel energy once you have come to terms with the idea that everything is made of energy.

Anyway, yeah… apparently my focus isn’t as great as I thought it was. ;)

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